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 Specific activities and projects

Oleg Moldakov


Local researcher in a project "Survey of city experiences with credit and investment for urban agriculture interventions", 2003


Local researcher in project "Soil and Water Management in Agricultural Production in Urban Areas of CEE/NIS Countries". 1999-2002 


Program Assistant, Project coordinator and Director St-Petersburg Farmer Support Service (Extension Service) Director, Agricultural Initiative in St-Petersburg, Center of Civil Initiatives, Advices for  city farmers on modern technologies  - planning, organization of stay of the American advisers and consultants, making of databases, pre-printing of the bulletins, brochures, leaflets , oral and written translation on the English language, 1994-1998


Project Manager , INVECO-PROJECT (ex-Lengyprovodkhoz) .Environmental Protection Department, 1993-1998

Agromeliorator, Ulan-Bator  Land Reclamation  Project Institute , Mongolia, 1989

Soil scientist , Barada and Auvage water resourse state company, Syria desert land project company, Syria Arabian Republic, 1983-1986

INVECO company,  former "Lengyprovodkhoz, 1977-1989, Engineer, senior engineer, Land Irrigation and Drainage Projects  State Institute 

  Field soil surveys and soil   physical propierties tests  for numerous  projects in Russian Federation, Kyrgyz, Syria and Mongolia


was emploed by Irrigation and drainage projects state company (Lengyprovodhoz) from 1977 as senjor engineer at Field Survey Department